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PeaT & Angie Only Started Laser Lust in 2020 as a Way to Help Rase R Friends Vibrations Throw Art during the peak of Covid

We Felt that Since Every one was stuck at home and feeling low we needed to create Some heady art to help lift there spirts...

Since there is no More Dead Tour & Festies Are Few & Farbetween we Also Needed to find a way to keep busy durning covid r selvs It Started a Hobby and Making Gifts 4 friends & Family Then Soon took off to the Biz that you see today 

we Make Every thing to Order & Put Love in to every thing we make... We know that times are hard & Money is tight so feel free to make a offer on any thing you see on the site 

we care way more about people then profits & Really Just care about Getting R Art out there!!! We love you all And Hope you stay Safe & most of all stay Positive Remember Fam this 2 shall pass.... 

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