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ART-Kor Project 

taking erotica // fetish-based photography 2 the next level 

alt models Wanted Cash paid per shoot (all body types Welcome)

R you over 18 & into the occult/ALT Fashion/erotica

want to take your modeling to the next level, we are currently hiring models of all body types 4 are current

Art-kor project

Models can make up to 100 cash per shoot Pluse get paid in St.PeaT Art studio credit

good For Any thing found on are site.

Must be comfortable with nudity & being a exhibitionist is a Pluse

Art-kor is a Art based cult movement taking the world by storm

lurking in the underground art movement

My Art is designed to provoke a feeling Wake people up from there sterile existence

It’s not for ever one But fuck catering to the masses

This is a alt Art movement touching base on taboo subject matters

such as

suicide/Drugs/fetish Etc.

If you think you’d be a good fit apply below


“once again all body styles welcome “

We cum in all shapes & sizes and we all have R own kinks

So Let’s Brake the boring Fucking mold That was set by the art gate keepers

& Make some Under Ground fucking ARt

all Life Styles welcome 

l.b.g.t. FRIENDLY

shooting in and around thease current cities la/nyc/tulum/St.Pete/Miami/bkk/toyko

Models wanted . cash paid

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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