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Mission statement

          Cannabis Delivery

          Street wear

           Supporting Pits

"From The hill 2 the hood"

streetWear n' Art

Art by ROD 420

Pot 4 Pits was started in L8 2018 By Proud Pit parents & Growers


With the recent legalization of Cannabis all we keep seeing is GREADY Corporate Scum takin over are cannabis Community & Putting Family Farmers out of Biz... With there High yeld, low Quality pesticide Filled “Indoor” Weed...

Every other week there is a new 100 lighter popping up With investors that have little to no history or background in are Community... If you ever been to a Farm in Nor-Cal or anywhere else in the country for that matter... There’s a 90% chance B4 you ever make it to the Gate You will be Greeted By a Pack of Pits.... Pits & Pot farms go Hand & Hand dating back generations Life on the hill is lonely, dangerous & Hard The pits offer companionship, protection & Literally Its rare to see one with out the otter.... We Are a Lifestyle brand. Specializing in clothing/Sk8/Apparel & Local Cannabis delivery service... All focusing Are love & St8 Passion 4 OutDoor Organic Pot & Pots Best Friend the Pit... We know A generation from now The # Of Small Family cannabis farms & The pits that protect them will be not much more then a faded memory & Stories told by the camp fire About the good old daze of marijuana prohibition, cultivation & Trim Seen... But we want to Build this Brand to Help keep Focus on that life style And help keep it Alive 4 generations to come.... Are cannabis & R Company has its Roots in Humboldt County California & Its Main Distribution In Western Massachusetts And we go back-and-forth constantly & Each Trip to Farm We See more & More Farmers losing there farms & falling upon hard economic times.... A lot of Pits End up in rescues Since the Pot farmers & Distributors can no longer afford to feed them... The Market is St8 Crashing And a Lot of Helpless pits end up being victims of it.... From the Hill to the Hood pits are suffering & need your support So we have all ways been very fortunate & focused on giving back The cannabis community has always treated as well From my Old Glass boutique to Previous clothing lines to Heady Harvests We have always made a living from cannabis or The cannabis culture And , We have donated countless amounts of toys,Food & clothing to Are local communities... But after every toy giveaway or clothing drive, party/etc.. it’s always the same Feeling like people where extremely ungrateful & overall entitled And when we get home after a long day of trying to give back to the Community We have 3 amazing pits @ Home that are so unconditionally Loving & just all around excited to see us... Pits don’t care how many toys you bought them Or how much pizza you feed them Don’t get me wrong Thy love booth but They cherish our companionship over all else & every where you go some one is already collecting & donating to families in need So we thought it would be best to Focus R Efforts on Pots Best Friend the “Pit” So we will be taking 10% or More of all proceeds From are Company & Cannabis delivery Service To Buy Dog Food & Toys & Create awareness of Are manny Pit rescues throughout Western mass & Northern California.... After all Who doesn’t love Pot N’ Pits Respect PeaT & Gen Natty

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