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The unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. The spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines the moment one reaches

enlightenment or peace and harmony.

i believe that life is a Ruff Road full of ups & downs & tattoos are the Markings we put on ourselves to symbolize that journey

"the good the bad & everything in between"

 i Believe in the sacred art of tattooing & Have Been blessed enough to have traveled the world & been tattooed by Monks & shamans...

Well studying under the monks in
Thailand & Cambodia i learned a lot about Magic tattooing “sak yant” and the protective power of certain symbols & Do my best to bring back there philosophies as well as ritual tattoo styles...

As you can see i run a Private Studio with a

 buddhist Influnice

Well Holding down a very street kulture vibe


at this Time im only really looking to do lettering


im Not in it 4 the money 

just the Love of art form that saved my life

and if your looking 2 get Some letting by me just

PM me on FaceBook'

to Set up a consultation

Ill work with you got to work with 

cash or Trade

"its all good in my hood"

Light & LoV 2 You & Yours.....

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