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ART-KOR TaTT00 Is A Small Private TaTu Studio/Gallery
        Just Mins From DownTown St.Pete Fl.
                     We Offer 
                        Free HAND PiERCiNG's
                       PriVaTe SuSpENSioNs
                       Modz & MORE.........
                  All By ApOiMenT ONLY
                 We Are PROUD to ParT Of
                The InTuTiVe MiNdS C0lEcTivE
                ART-KOR StR0NglY BleaVEs
               In PeOple 0VER PR0FiTs
          "We DoNt ThInK R ART ShOuLD Be FREE
        But We Don't AgReE WiTh RaTes Set By IndRuStY


We OffeR All SerVices 0N A SlidEiNg SCALE! 

We Don't B-LEAvE That S0Me ThInG LikE MoNeY ShouLd STaNd IN of YouR ViSION Of SeLF!
Like EVErY OtHer PaRt Of ThE InTuTiVe MiNdS  CoLEcTiVe We AllSO OpRAtE On The BaRtEr SySteM
CAuSe LeTs FaCE It, YOuR Art/EnGerY Is Way CoLLeR & MeeNS Way More TO Us Then Green PaPer PuT OuT By The US GoVErMenT..  FUCk The SYSteM FucK GREED FuCK CoNFoRMiTy!!!!!!!!

We SuPp0Rt Art/ARTiesTs

ArtIeSt AllWaYs WelCome If YOU LiKE R StYle Message & BeLIeFs


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